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Nathan Wicker

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Building a House for Lina

188 Words September 14, 2015Life LessonsTags: Change your world | Haiti | Linas House | Missions | SupportSaturday, August 15, 2015, I had the opportunity to spend a week in Haiti....

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During my Junior year of High School I travelled to New York City with our school choir. While in New York I heard something I had never heard before…a real, deep, New York accent. Now I know it's not a big deal, and I probably could just listen to one on YouTube, but...

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QBQ: Question Behind the Question [Book Review]

Have you ever found yourself thinking...why can't they just do their job? Why am I the one that always has to pick up the slack? When is someone going to give me the training I really need? QBQ: Question Behind the Question is the book for you to read. This book will...

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Ceilings that are Floors

What a cool concept, eh? I know it makes sense that a ceiling in one room is ideally the floor to the room above. But I heard this phrase on the radio one night while the DJ was praying. (Yeah, you read that right. Praying on the radio) As I listened to her pray for...

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Price of Excellence

Excellence is going to cost you something. Whether it is your time, money, etc; excellence is not a free achievement. And it's just that, an achievement. You must work to reach the goal of excellence.   Join the conversation and comment below! Excellence is...

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